Offering Drywall Installation and Repair in Memphis, TN

When the installation of drywall is not done properly, the appearance of your wall as well as its functionality can be compromised. This is because of the bumps and cracks that may appear on the surface. Once you hire Ruffhouse Painting to do the drywall installation for you, you can be assured of a quality and highly satisfying output.

During a home construction or home renovation, making use of drywalls for the internal walls of your home can bring about some benefits. One of which is the mold, moisture, and fire resistance capability of drywall. Moisture and molds are some of the things that may occur once there is a leak within the home. These may cause damage to the property and health problems to your family; however, molds can be avoided if drywalls are used as dividers in your home. Being made of gypsum, firewalls are also resistant to fire - another point to consider in choosing this type of wall material.

Another is energy efficiency. Installing a drywall would actually keep heat in the house during winter while retaining cool air inside the home during warmer weather. This is actually a good way to save up money instead of turning on the heater and air conditioning continuously. Finally, unlike plaster walls, repairs for these kinds of walls are actually easier and cheaper. Holes and cracks in drywall take less time and effort to finish.

All of these benefits are achievable once you let the professionals do the job for you. Ruffhouse Painting is the best choice for your drywall installation and repair needs for your home in Memphis, TN. Call us now at 901-506-4887 so that we can discuss the drywall installation or repair for your home. You can also send us an email at or fill out the form which can be found in our ‘CONTACT’ page. Here at Ruffhouse Painting, your convenience is our happiness.