We Do Hardwood Floor Installation around Memphis, TN

If you are looking for someone who can do ceramic tile or hardwood floor installation for your home in Memphis, TN, then Ruffhouse Painting is surely the one to choose and call. With our well-developed skills and years of experience, you will surely be satisfied with the services that we can provide.

Installing hardwood floors can add some sort of elegant aura to your home. It can also add a bit of warmth and coziness to your homes’ interiors. When done properly, these types of floors can last for several years without having any damage. With our skillful hands and excellent installation techniques at Ruffhouse Painting, your dream hardwood flooring for your home can come to life. Repairing damaged hardwood floors is also not a problem for us.

On the other hand, Ceramic tile floors can also provide additional value and benefits to your home. These types of flooring can reduce your stress because they are easy to clean, less expensive, scratch resistant, environmentally friendly, moisture resistant, and, most of all, it is repairable. Trust us to install or repair damages on your ceramic tile floor and we will ensure that they are done properly.

So, what are you waiting for? If you need someone who can provide you with the best hardwood floor or ceramic tile services in Memphis, TN, all you have to do is to get in touch with Ruffhouse Painting! You can call us directly through our phone number at 901-238-4064 so that we can verbally discuss the installation or repairs that you would need for your home. Also, you can send us an email at willisbradford29@gmail.com or fill out the form which can be found in our ‘CONTACT’ page. For our other services that may fit your needs, feel free to browse through the other parts of our website.