We Specialize in Pressure Washing Services in Memphis, TN

For exceptional pressure washing services for your property in Memphis, TN, Ruffhouse Painting is the one to call. Aside from our painting services, we are also exceptionally remarkable in providing pressure washing for your floors, walls, concrete pathways, and even your metal, concrete, or wooden fences.

More often than not, there are many stains and dirt on the floors of our house that cannot be removed by simple mopping. This is true especially on outdoor home floorings like patio or deck floors, driveways, and pathwalks. Whether these floors are constructed with different materials like wood, tiles, or concrete, we will make sure that the stubborn stains are removed properly.

On the other hand, stains may also be a problem for the vertical sections of the home like the external walls and concrete fences. These stains may be caused by moss buildup or pollution from rainwater. These stains are real problems because the external walls and fences are the first parts of the property that people would see. With our pressure washing services, you are sure that these stains are removed properly and with ease.

Finally, we also make use of pressure washing in order to peel off the worn out paint on your walls and fences before doing the repaint job. Doing this will save time and energy especially that peeling worn out paint can be rigorous. In addition, rust removal from metal fences, wrought iron gates, and metal furniture sets are also made easier through the use of our pressure washing service.

So, if your walls need to be stripped free of stains and rust, you can just call the experts in pressure washing in Memphis - Ruffhouse Painting. For your questions and concerns regarding this service, you can call us at 901-238-40644. You can also send us an email at willisbradford29@gmail.com, or fill out the form which can be found in our ‘CONTACT’ page and we will surely respond to your concern in the soonest possible time. Contact us now and we will surely make sure that your house will look cleaner and fresher.